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NEW RELEASE: Coffin Blossoms

October 13, 2020

"Jiangshi", a short story about a Chinese hopping vampire, has been published by Jolly Horror Press in its Coffin Blossoms anthology.

NEW RELEASE: Horror Magazine

October 6, 2020

"Finders Keepers" is published in the October 2020 issue by Breaking Rules Publishing.

NEW RELEASE: Black Veins: An Anthology Of Horror Stories

May 20, 2020

"The Coach" is published in this horror anthology from The Great Void Books.

NEW RELEASE: Accursed: A Horror Anthology

December 10, 2019

"The Dentures" is published in this horror comedy anthology by Jolly Horror Press. 

Book Review

of Canadian Dreadful: An Anthology

"However, there is one story above all that I would say is my favorite out of them all: The Delivery Boy. I REALLY liked this story a lot! Twisted and weird, but scary enough to share around a campfire. I would love to see an adaptation of this story someday."


--Tony Northrup,